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Sticking Together

When it comes to advertising ones business there are a number of methods that one can go by showing off the products or services that they have to provide. Methods may range from small to large advertisements which can range from the smallest brochure to a massive billboard. However when it comes to advertising a …

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Barcode Your Business

Barcode Your Business

You find barcodes mostly everywhere, whether it is in a shop, on your phone, on clothes or even food items. For you to own a barcode, barcode printers need to print them for you or your business. Every barcode is different and unique in their own way; barcodes cannot be the same. Barcode scanners pick …

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Brand Fonts Stamps

Brand Fonts

We’ve all grown up knowing brands that we relate to. And as we evolve, the brands seem to evolve too, but some become irrelevant. In order to remain relevant, brands have to re-invent themselves frequently, through product development, new visual aesthetic and new advertising campaigns. In each case, whether it’s the labeling of their product, …

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The History Of Barcodes

The History Of Barcodes

Barcodes are a very important tool that helps our society keep well organised within itself. We have all bought a product that has its own barcode on it. This code is designed to help computer systems keep track of product stock levels, identify prices and help keep the general space more organised and monitored on …

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Benefits of Promotional Labels

Main Benefits of Promotional Labels

In today’s forever-evolving marketing world, most methods of advertising are overlooked. Whilst most advertising has turned digital, promotional labels are still showing one of the most effective marketing tools. They have also got the highest advertising recall over online advertising, printing and television. When determining which product to use, promotional stickers or labels are a …

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