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Sticker Marketing

A Few Reasons to Think About Sticker Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the first thing that we think about are TV ads, radio ads, billboards, those annoying posts on social media and all those print ads in our favourite magazines. Not often do we think of using stickers as a means of marketing, nor do we think of the creative ways that we can use them to boost our business and bring about awareness. In fact, stickers are a great way to bring your business to the attention to the rest of the world.

The Benefits of Sticker Marketing

Having branded stickers offers many advantages. For one thing, people will not be able to swipe away your sticker the way that they can do on social media, they also cannot be fast forwarded or have the station changed like they can on TV or radio. A simple sticker strategically placed does not intrude in the lives of your clients and audiences. It just brings you to attention in a simple and visual way that they can absorb without taking up much of their time.

Creative Ways to Use Stickers

Stickers are more than just letting customers know that certain products are on special. Stickers are a way of getting yourself out there. Of course, it needs to be visually appealing. You can never go wrong with a great bumper sticker; people love to put them all on their laptops, cars, bikes, or various doors. If it fits your brand, you could create smaller stickers that people are willing to place on the back of their phones. Your stickers could be used at guerrilla marketing in random places that people will see. You could create small stickers that people will use to cover any camera lenses. They don’t want to feel watched but they will happily stare at your sticker all day.

Libra Labels

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