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Libra Labels offers high-quality price marking labels to all industries. Our skilled team and innovative label printing and manufacturing technology allow us to supply labels to our clients at an excellent price and quality. Some of our clients include fresh produce manufacturers, warehouses, butcheries, merchandise retailers, liquor outlets, and more.

Our offer comes in a variety of dimensions, styles, sizes, and colors, allowing our clients to match the right solution with their needs.

Please see below the different types of labels we manufacture: 

Colours that these labels are available in can be seen below:

Price marking labels are generally used in retail and warehouse fields to price merchandise. These labels are made to be used together with pricing marking guns. The adhesive on these labels is not as permanent as on other printed labels and allows the consumer to remove the label easily and the retailer to change the price of the product when necessary.

Libra Labels supplies both standard and customised labels:

We quote and supply personalised pre-printed pricing labels to all industries and fit all Price Marking Gun Labeling Machines.

Pricing labels need to be clear and legible. Libra offers a wide range of hand labelers, capable of high quality printing. All price marking guns are capable of producing outstanding results time after time, with a print quality that is second to none. Libra Labels is the official Southern African distributor of the internationally acclaimed Blitz range of price marking guns. The trusted choice for price Labeling.

All price marking guns are conveniently priced at affordable prices.

Label guns / Price marking guns are a valuable medium for pricing information as well as identification. A clear readable label is important to provide customer information regarding your product or products.

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