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High-Quality Linerless Labels

Libra Labels is a leading linerless label manufacturer in Johannesburg. Linerless labels go through a special manufacturing process that coats the top of the label with a silicone coating and the back of the label in an adhesive that is easily peeled off the silicone-coated surface of the label below. However, they securely stick to the product surface.

Since these labels don’t use liners, they eliminate paper liner waste. As a result, you can have more labels wound onto a given roll diameter, halving the frequency of roll replacement and reducing printer downtime.

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As a preferred linerless label manufacturer in Johannesburg, we provide you with a quality product in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we strive for a five to seven-working-day delivery on adhesive labels.

Please request a quote on the linerless labels we manufacture in Johannesburg. We endeavour to respond to all queries within 24 hours during the work week. Alternatively, please contact our team or continue to browse our website.

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Libra Labels offer a wide range of labels, generally used in butchery, bakery and fresh produce applications. 

We can manufacture blank and custom printed thermal labels of the highest quality using the best adhesives in various grades.

Economy labels are suitable for dry goods applications and have no barrier coating. 

Top coated thermal labels are suitable for moderate exposure to moisture, such as fresh produce. 

Double barrier coated thermal labels are suitable for high moisture applications such as frozen meats or seafood.

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