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The Best Label Supplier in South Africa​

Libra Labels is South Africa’s premier label supplier, renowned for their exceptional quality and unmatched customer service, stands out as the epitome of excellence in the industry. With a commitment to delivering top-notch labels that meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors, Libra Labels has earned a reputation for being among the best suppliers of self-adhesive labels in the country.

Our extensive range of labels, coupled with our cutting-edge technology and innovative design capabilities, ensures that we cater to any labelling requirement with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s for packaging, branding, or product identification, Libra label supplier consistently exceeds expectations, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking the highest standard of labelling solutions.

We can deliver to clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Durban, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

Printing Services:

  • Over lamination
  • Varnished finishes
  • Barcode labels
  • Custom made self adhesive labels
  • Artwork set up

Build your Brand

Don’t be limited as to where to apply your labeling. There are always self-adhesive labels for any surface or application.

Exceptional Design

If you need us to design your labeling requirements, or if you already have your branding sorted, we can print and supply to your demand, for any need.

Fast Delivery

We provide you with a quality product in the shortest possible time. We strive for a 5 to 7-working-day delivery on adhesive labels.

Why choose a Adhesive Label?

Adhesive labeling allows you to have the freedom of choosing different packaging options. The same type of labeling can be applied to various shapes and to cover a variety of purposes. You can create labels that contain important information including sale price, barcodes, and “best before” dates. In addition, you can choose what colors to use to ensure that the labels reflect your brand identity. They also come in a variety of sizes. Being able to customise the different configurations of product labels proves beneficial for any business.

The Best Label Supplier in South Africa​

We manufacture full-colour labels for transport and logistics, chemical identification, food and beverage products, fresh produce, healthcare products, and many more industries.
Manufacturers look to graphic designers to design a label that will best suit their product and will attract the consumer and ultimately purchase their product over their rivals.
A well-printed label will not only attract the consumer but will so bring value to the brand. We at Libra Labels only manufacture top-quality affordable labels for our customers.
No matter what industry, shape, or size, if you have a label that needs printing look no further. We also have an in-house graphic designer should you need help with designing your labels.

The Best Label Supplier in South Africa​

These labels are mostly used in the food labeling industry and it is common for the average shopper to see a printed scale label on fresh produce when purchasing at a local supermarket.
Stores that sell meat, seafood, vegetable, and fruit make use of a digital scale (See our sister company Scalerite for more info on scales) that prints on labels that indicate a product code or bar code, as well as price and weight information of the product.

Made from high-quality top-coated thermal paper these labels can be subjected to a lot of handling and undergo additional abuse at home in the form of heat, moisture, or freezing.
Usually, there are particular types of scale labels recommended for a specific scale brand or model. Our Scale labels are manufactured in rolls that easily fit into these digital weighing scales for easy use.


Linerless labels go through a special manufacturing process that coats the top of the label with a silicone coating and coats the back of the label in an adhesive that is easily peeled off the silicone-coated surface of the label below yet they securely stick to the surface it is meant to go. Since these labels don’t use liners it eliminates paper liner waste and by doing this you can have more labels wound onto a given roll diameter which halves the frequency of roll replacement and reduces downtime of your printers.

The Best Label Supplier in South Africa​

Matching Blank Labels to your label printing requirements can be irritating unless you have access to suppliers with specialized knowledge. Blanks are one of the easiest and most reliable ways of printing large volumes of labels. As they are blank they are easily customisable and can be used for most requirements. Product manufacturers often use a blank label for a variety of their products including the labeling of bottles, candles, drums, file folders, jars, mailings, and more. Blank labels are ideal for printing variable information for example ingredients and sell-by dates which is why barcodes are often printed on them.

  • Blanks are ideal for printing variable information for example ingredients and sell-by dates
  • Barcodes are often printed on blank labels
  • Direct thermal blank labels are convenient because no ribbon is required.
  • Thermal transfer blank labels are generally more durable and less prone to discoloration.

    Different Types of Blank Labels:

    Thermal Labels– one of the advantages of thermal labels is that you can print your entire product line in full colour, high quality, and then overprint the description, ingredients, and barcode of each individual product. Therefore there is no need to have a large stock of many different labels.

    Thermal Transfer Labels– the advantage of using thermal transfer labels is that they will not fade if exposed to sunlight or heat. In thermal transfer printing, the heat of the printer melts the resin or wax on the transfer film, and an image is pressed onto the label. No ribbon is used in this process.

    Semi-Gloss Labels– semi-gloss labels are much cheaper than full gloss labels but the required sheen or luster is still evident.

    Matt Labels – as the name suggests, matt labels are made without the sheen.

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