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Scale Labels

Scale Labels

These labels are mostly used in the food labeling industry and it is common for the average shopper to see a printed scale label on fresh produce when purchasing at a local supermarket.

Stores that sell meat, seafood, vegetable and fruit make use of a digital scale (See our sister company Scalerite for more info on scales) that print on labels which indicates a product code or bar code, as well as price and weight information of the product.

Made from high quality top coated thermal paper these labels can be subjected to a lot of handling and undergo additional abuse at home in the form of heat, moisture or freezing.

Usually, there are particular types of scale labels recommended for a specific scale brand or model. Our Scale labels are manufactured in rolls which easily fit into these digital weighing scales for easy use.

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Libra Labels offer a wide range of labels, generally used in butchery, bakery and fresh produce applications. 

We can manufacture blank and custom printed thermal labels of the highest quality using the best adhesives in various grades.

Economy labels are suitable for dry goods applications and have no barrier coating. 

Top coated thermal labels are suitable for moderate exposure to moisture, such as fresh produce. 

Double barrier coated thermal labels are suitable for high moisture applications such as frozen meats or seafood.

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