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Thermal Ribbons

Thermal ribbons come in three main types – wax, wax-resin or pure resin and are almost always black (other colours sometimes used are red and blue). These different types are made to print onto different label materials and are used when the life of the label needs to be long or the labels needs to survive harsh environments.

Choosing the correct thermal transfer ribbon is extremely important for both label print quality and for longer print cycles and care for your barcode label printer and print heads. Libra Labels offer high performance thermal transfer ribbon materials that have been tried and tested on all popular barcode printers and label material types.

The three different types of Thermal ribbons we supply are as follows :

Barcode Wax Ribbon

High-performance wax ribbon formulated to print at up to 20.3 mm per second on both uncoated and coated paper materials. It provides minimal resistance to scratches, smearing and chemicals.

Wax Ribbons are ideal for standard printing on paper label materials. These thermal transfer ribbons provide minimal resistance to scratches, smearing and chemicals.

Wax ribbons are the general purpose ribbons particularly adopted to standard label printers. Printing is possible onto all paper kinds, such as high gloss papers, coated papers and uncoated papers in particular. 

Barcode Wax-Resin Ribbon

Waxes and resins are mixed together to produce ribbons that show improved scratch and smear resistance, as well as improved solvent and heat resistance over wax ribbons. Wax/resin ribbons can be used on a wide range of label stocks, but are particularly good matches for coated papers.

Wax – Resin Ribbons provide excellent durability against chemicals on paper and synthetic materials.

This ribbon has excellent receptor multi-compatibility, very high resistance to scratches, smear, smudge and some moderate chemicals. It offers very good printing quality at high speeds and heat resistance up to 100°C.

Barcode Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbons offer the highest excellent resistance to scratches, smears, most extreme chemicals, outdoor environments and extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to a wide range of solvents and can be used in applications in which very high temperatures are encountered. Resin ribbons are designed to adhere to pre-treated polyester, polyimide, polypropylene, and polyethylene labels.

Printing is possible on many kinds of synthetics (PVC, PET, PE, PP), as well as on matt and high gloss coated papers.

Printed image offers a good heat resistance up to 180°C.

No matter what materials you are printing on, you can rest assured that our ribbons produce readable, scannable images every time.

Most printer manufacturers offer ribbon/label combinations which are known to work well together, which is particularly important as some combinations produce no image at all. Plastic labels with resin ribbons will survive outside in full sunlight, can stand immersion in water and may be resistant to chemicals and oils dependent on type.

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