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Argox OS -214 PLUS
Argox iX4-250
Argox IX6-250
GoDEX RT700i
GoDEX G500
GoDEX EZ2250i

Why your business needs Barcode Printers

Label printers and bar codes are widely used in all aspects of business and provide a means to label, identify and track products, and process and collate data.
Applications include manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, wholesale and retail, commercial and government.

A range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Quality thermal transfer ribbons are produced and converted into many different widths and lengths for any label printer on the market. The range includes scratchproof, smear proof, solvent-resistant and heat-resistant ribbons for the best quality in industrial printing applications.

The Argox OS-214-Plus is the newest generation of Argox’s most successful medium-volume printer model. Its attractive and stylish design is just one of several new features and advanced functions. The significantly larger onboard memory increases print capability for producing a wider range of label applications. A full-speed USB 2.0 interface adds flexibility for use with any of today’s notebooks and other computers. Its space-saving design offers the same small footprint and light weight as previous models for easy and convenient placement. The new OS-214plus maintains Argox’s leading position as the industry standard for style, price, and performance.

The Argox iX4-250 is constructed with an all-metal frame to inherit the beauty of durability and reliability. It is a high-volume Industrial Label Printer that supports a large 8.26-inch outer diameter label roll. Up to 450-meter ribbon capacity. Featuring 8 ips print speed. It can deliver a much smoother printing process and maintain top printing quality at high speed. Even when printing with the highest speed, it still maintains the perfect print quality. The iX4-250 has built-in Ethernet, Dual USB hosts, a USB device, and RS-232. It can be expanded with WiFi, GPIO card/Parallel port. These modules are sold separately. The printer is the ideal printer for high-volume printing. The printer ships with Bartender UL, Windows Drivers, and Print Tools.

The Argox iX6-250 has a tough, high-quality metal case to protect it from damage in the most demanding environments. The indented interface also protects the LCD display and controls against accidental water spillage. It is “the most space-saving 6-inch light industrial printer”. Ideal for space-constrained business environments, it saves more than 20% of working space. Despite its small footprint, it is packed with features to make daily operations simple and easy. This direct thermal and thermal transfer printer is suitable for applications including warehousing, manufacturing, and transport & logistics.

GoDEX RT700i

Full functions, powerful features, a user-friendly interface, and high extensibility make the GoDEX RT700i perfect for retail and industrial applications.

GoDEX G500

“Twin-Sensor Technology” makes the GoDEX G500 perfect for printing on all types of specialty materials, especially for retail and industrial applications

GoDEX EZ2250i

All metal mechanism design featuring die-cast center plane and base make the for high volume applications.

Desktop Barcode Printers

These printers are low cost compared to the robust industrial printers. Desktop printers have been designed specifically to offer affordable label printing up to a few thousand labels per day and offer a broad range of connectivity like USB, Serial, Parallel or Ethernet.

Industrial Barcode Printers

These printers are high performance printers that stand up to high volume and demanding applications. High print quality at 203dpi or 300dpi to suite all high demand application.

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