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Benefits of Promotional Labels

Main Benefits of Promotional Labels

In today’s forever-evolving marketing world, most methods of advertising are overlooked. Whilst most advertising has turned digital, promotional labels are still showing one of the most effective marketing tools. They have also got the highest advertising recall over online advertising, printing and television. When determining which product to use, promotional stickers or labels are a great way to grow exposure and increase your brand at a low cost per impression. Promotional labels can also develop a cohesive look throughout your packaging and products.

Identity Development

You miss 10% impact for each month your customer does not hear from you. Privately branding is a smart way to remind your customers of your business each time they see your products. You can simply label your products with branded labels to create a unified look. This reinforces your brand identity and ensures your customers remember your brand.

Low-Cost Advertising Tool

Promotional labels are not only exceptionally effective as a marketing tool, but also have one of the cheapest costs per impression of all methods of advertising. One label may generate a number of impressions both offline and online. If you spent R10 for a promotional label and someone sees it 10 times, you are spending R1 for the impression. Many people use stickers for everything, from notebooks to vehicles, which can be used for years and is seen multiple times. Therefore, promotional labels are one of the most inexpensive and long-lasting methods of advertising out there.


A great method of using promotional labels is to hand them out as promotional stickers. Promotion stickers have a higher value and are harder to throw away than other promotional materials such as flyers. Promotional labels are usually considered as a gift more than a form of advertisement, and may turn into long-term advertising if they are stuck onto devices. For this reason, you may want to consider making sure your promotional labels are waterproof and durable. This form of advertising makes great giveaways at events and conferences. Promotional labels are also an easy and quick to transport.


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