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Labelling for Brand Recognition

Over the years, consumers grow to know and trust brands, which is why your specific brand either will or won’t end up in a trolley during a grocery shop. The packaging of your product influences these decisions significantly and once consumers have built up a trust in your brand, the packaging of your product is what lands it in a trolley at an almost subconscious level.


How Labelling Impacts Your Consumers

Initially, an eye-catching and professional label is what attracts consumers to your product. This means that if you are putting a product to market for the first time, your labelling needs to be well thought out, clear and attractive. Having labelling that is highly recognisable is crucial so that your consumers will have no trouble finding your product on the shelf again after trying and liking your product.


Brand Recognition

The labelling of your product needs to stand out and be distinguishable from a crowded shelf full of other products also competing for the attention of the consumer. Labelling essentially sells your brand in the same way that a salesman would. When designing labelling for your product, it is important to be aware of effective design as well as colour choices.

Colour Options for Brand Recognition 

Colours are one of the first and most obvious components that will create an association with your brand. Red is a strong colour which creates a sense of urgency, but if overdone, it may come across as too dominant. Yellows and oranges are eye-catching whilst creating a sense of warmth and optimism whilst green is calming and gently inviting.

Choosing Your Labelling

It is important to consider the function of your product for label design so that your target market can be reached effectively. For example, if your product is a toy for little girls, using pink and purple as well as flowers or butterflies in your label design will be much more effective and eye catching. For more information and for brilliant labelling solutions, including self-adhesive labels, contact Libra Labels or visit their website.