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Deciding on designing and manufacturing labels.

If you are deciding on designing and manufacturing labels and have no clue where to start or what goes into the manufacturing process, we talk about the benefits of professional labelling solutions, what questions to ask before manufacturing your labels and what are labels actually made of?

What are the benefits of professional labelling solutions?

A professional labelling solution enables label changes to be easier and helps ensure compliance. Branding standards are of good quality. It creates a greater supply chain efficiency. Gives you advanced collaboration and communication.

What questions to ask before manufacturing the labels?

What budget are you willing to spend on labels, this will determine your quality and quantity. What quantity of labels will you need to print? How many different colours will you require per label? What is the size and dimensions of your label? How many different designs will you require and what is the label being stuck on? All of these will assist with the final designs and details of your labels.

What are labels made of?

Different labels are made from different materials. A laminated label is waterproof, the most common manufacture label and it’s made of paper built up by joining two or more layers of plastic. Label material is one step above coated paper.

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