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Choosing the Right Label for your Product

Choosing the Right Label for your Product

If you are in the business of manufacturing goods for customers, then you no doubt have an understanding of the importance of correct branding. Making your product recognisable to your clients will help generate better brand loyalty and will allow your product to put its best foot forward. So, to help you ensure that your branding is taken care of professionally, here are a few crucial things to consider when choosing a label for your products.
Connecting with your customer
The first thing to remember is that your label needs to communicate with a human customer, more so than that, your product is servicing a very specific niche, and you need to accommodate for that. Spend some time gathering as much information on your target audience as possible, and use that information to incorporate elements in your design that will appeal to them.
Connecting with your customer will make it easier to sell the product since you are creating a space in their lives where it can be used, and therefor belongs. Use your label as a ‘below-the-line’ marketing tool, and it will largely sell itself.
Being true to your identity
Your brand communicates your corporate identity to your target audience. This allows them to form a relationship with your brand which in turn leads to better customer loyalty. Making your brand easily identifiable with consistent design elements and schemes will also make it stand out from the rest, and increase its sales.
The key is simplicity
When it comes to the visual and textual design of a label, simplicity is key. Sure, you want to be able to give your prospective customers as much information about the product using its packaging, but overdoing it will make the packaging look tacky.
When trying to attract the attention of your customers, simplicity is essential, and in terms of labelling, less is definitely more.
Be clear, be communicative
Working with space limitations is a real challenge when designing labels, especially when there is a lot of information to be included in its design. For instance, you need to allocate space for ingredients, sell-by dates, branding, usage instructions and so forth. The trick here is to say what you can in as little space as possible. This means that you should only include information on the label that is utterly essential for its correct and safe use, to be eye-catching, or to inform the customer as to its best usage.
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