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The Benefits of Self-Adhesive Labels

The Benefits of Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are made up of three different layers. The first layer is the release liner or the backing paper. The second layer is the layer of adhesive, which is the “glue”. The type of adhesive that is used differs and it is dependent on what surface the label will need to stick to. The third layer is the face material that is the face of the label that is viewable with the print on it. Again, the type of ink that is used it dependent on the use and application of the label.

Self-Adhesive Label Usage

There are so many practical uses for self-adhesive labels, and this includes it being at home, at work, or at school. It could be for personal reasons or they could be a great way to keep your business and stock all under control. Regardless of how you choose to use them, they are extremely practical, and the only limitation to how you can use them is your own imagination. They are greet for personal usage and even better for business usage, organisational and promotional use.

The Benefits

Firstly, they are super easy to use – you just peel off the label, and then you just stick it down on wherever or whatever you want it. Then that continues on to the fact that it is a great time saver! It is great for office and factory productivity. Secondly, it is cost effective, especially when comparing it to physically having to glue and stick other labels. Thirdly, there is a certain appeal and aesthetic to a well-designed label that adds visual value to any packaging.  Fourthly, they are great tools for organisation! And lastly, they are very durable; they are able to with stand heat, bumps and tension without much stress.

Libra Labels

There are a few more great benefits to self-adhesive labels. However, the best way to appreciate the value of the labels is to use them yourself. To get some amazing self-adhesive labels and any other labels that you might need, get in contact with Libra Labels. They specialise in creating premium quality labels. Be sure to keep an eye on their website and watch out for any specials!