Brand Fonts

We’ve all grown up knowing brands that we relate to. And as we evolve, the brands seem to evolve too, but some become irrelevant. In order to remain relevant, brands have to re-invent themselves frequently, through product development, new visual aesthetic and new advertising campaigns. In each case, whether it’s the labeling of their product, the graphics on the advertisement billboards, videos, bumper stickers, or posters, companies need to choose a font that resonates with loyal customers and conveys their identity. This process can be quite challenging. We are going to take a look at a few things you need to know about brand fonts.

  1. Put function before form.

All typefaces have a voice that brings more engagement to your brand if it’s used consistently. A brand font is only as good as it is used, how it looks is just a bonus. The right brand font gives your brand the versatility it needs to deliver brand messages across your various touchpoints (printed material and digital material).

  1. A good brand font keeps balances your brand’s strong identity and its functionality, legibility, and life-span.

Pick a font that has a large, well-crafted family that provides a wide range of options for your brand. This ensures that your brand can be legible across different languages and environments. Consider picking a font that has a wide range of weights and styles that support your customers’ different languages, while equipping your design team great features needed to create captivating, unique visual assets.

  1. Looks matter

Creating a unique and captivating design for your brand font is important, but it is also challenging. Changing your brand’s font does not mean that you have to change your logo or wordmark. You can find a typeface that compliments them. When something is good to look at, it draws more attention.

  1. Consider trendiness

Brands should have their eyes set on something clean and recognizable that won’t overwhelm the branding. Although popular trends are enticing, maintaining your brand’s identity is quite important. Know who you are and don’t pretend to be anything else.


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