Reasons to Update your Packaging Labels

Libra Labels

Updating your labels can assist your business in many ways: helping you stand out amongst your competitors, breathing life into your brand and attracting new customers. But should you? Changing your labels for the sake of change isn’t usually a great idea, specifically if it will upset your current customers and negatively impact your sales. Before you rush into redesigning your label, let’s look at some considerations that will assist you to decide if an update is a right choice for you.

Is it time for new Labels?

Whether it is for a simple tweak or a completely new look, there are a range of reasons why it may be time for an update on your labels. Let’s explore a few scenarios where new labels would benefit your business.

Adding brand new products: Like new markets, adding a brand new product line can expose your brand to a bigger audience that you haven’t reached before. With an updated look to your labels, your product can put its best face forward to critical consumers. By changing your labels, you are also able to improve brand consistency throughout all your products.

Give your Packaging a Pop: Blending in with the crowd is good if you are a spy, but not for selling products. Updating your packaging labels not only assists differentiate your brand from your competitors, but also make it easier to grab the attention of your customers.

Stay Relevant & Fresh: Customers’ style evolves over time, and what had worked before may not work now. With increasing competition, outdated labels may be bad for business. However, this does not mean you need to completely change your look in order to keep them fresh and relevant, even simplifying your design can help your products a breath of fresh air.

Refine your Message: If you have been in the industry for a while, your brand’s message has probably developed over time due to improved products – but does your packaging labels reflect that? Give your customers an obvious picture of what your brand is about with up to date labels.

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